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Individual Psychotherapy for adults

My focus is on an unified dynamic psychobiological therapeutic approach
 "exercise for your soul"

Indications that psychotherapy, specifically SHIP® might be helpful:

  1. When the same issue keeps on repeating itself in relationships.

  2. When you are aware of childhood pain and difficult relationships with one or both parents.

  3. When you experience your response to everyday situation as being an overreaction or with disproportional emotional charge.

  4. A chronic experience of being overwhelmed by every day life. 

  5. When you feel stuck or a victim in your own life.

  6. When you try to implement changes in your life but experience failure and judgement for being unable to do so.

  7. Overworking, overexercising, overeating, alcohol abuse, avoiding introspection.

  8. Often experiences that overwhelmed us or made us feel powerless get frozen in our system and may present as physical symptoms for example, Migraines, IBS, back aches, chronic pain.  


Typical issues addressed in psychotherapy

  1. Relationship difficulties.

  2. Childhood hurt and trauma.

  3. Anxiety.

  4. Depression.

  5. Bereavement, experiences of loss.

  6. Stress and Burnout.

  7. Self-esteem issues and self-growth.

  8. Physical Ailments: IBS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain.

  9. Work related difficulties.

  10. Different stages of life: infertility, adjusting to married life, having kids, empty nest, old age, emigrating, divorce.

  11. Acute trauma, developmental trauma, sexual abuse.




  • Please contact me for my hourly consultation rate.

  • My practice is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), and I can claim directly from medical aids, depending on members' benefits and funds available.

  • I accept cash and EFT payment.

  • The first consultation needs to be paid upfront at the practice, or via EFT prior to your consultation.  

Nurture Your Space

" do what is right for you.

do it over and over again.

lean into the light.

keep going even when it is hard.

especially when it is hard.

do not let doubt stop you.

trust the process when your mood is low.

let growth be you mission.

let healing be your reward.

let freedom be your goal."

-yung pueblo

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